Who am I?

I've been a passionate advocate for cybersecurity - especially of industrial control systems - since I stumbled into the field quite by accident in 2008. Since then, wherever I've ended up, I've made OT cybersecurity one of my missions.

I'm also an avid podcaster, running two different podcasts about subjects that have commanded my interest for years: video games (especially how they work and are designed), and Scouting. I'm still actively involved with Scouts Canada; I was a youth member thereof for 21 years, and now I serve as a Scouter for the group my children have joined.

And I’m a husband to a lovely and loving wife, and a father to four amazing children. So I might have learned a few things about marriage and parenting along the way.

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Kenneth Kully

Editor at the UltimaCodex | Host of "Spam Spam Spam Humbug" and "Scouting Stuff" (Podcasts) | Married | Father | Catholic | #ScoutForLife